Friday, June 30, 2006

June 30th is the best day ever.

And the reason why it is, is: C'est mon anniversaire! Tänään on minun syntymäpäivää! Heute ist mein geburtstag! Today is my birthday!

Yup. Today at 8:32 I turned -*gasp*-a startingly old 17!

It's extra special because my grandma and aunt and cousins are here instead of us going to their house! It was really fun. I had a blast.

We went to see Cars, which I wanted to see, was doubtful about how Pixar would pull it off but was pleasantly surprised. Mater managed to be both the cutest and most hilarious thing ever. And I don't even like Larry the Cable Guy! Also, the references to Formula 1 and European racing were funny, we'd been fans more of that then NASCAR.

Then we went to The Machine Shed, which is an truly Iowan restaurant where all of us including little ones could eat, and it boasts really good hearty farm food. After I was sung to by the waiting staff clad in overalls and kerchiefs and ate half of the apple dumpling (the previous course was a stomach buster!) we all went back to our house for presents!

I got wonderful wonderful presents from everyone. A remote release for my camera from Dad, Two CD's I've wanted, a cool book, A figurine of Belle from Beauty and the Beast reading a book, Hostess Cupcakes, a bag of Starbucks and some money.

Now my aunt has gone back to the hotel they're staying at with my littlest cousins and my grandma, and the two older cousins are here and we're going to watch Kate and Leopold with my Mom.

The best part? We haven't eaten my cake yet, we will tomorrow! My birthday will last about 2 days!

Thank you Lord, for blessing this year and continuing to show me Your paths. Thank you for this wonderful day. Thanks you for the best pair of parents. And the best pack of brothers. Thank you for the blessings You've showered on me in the past and the plan You have for me in the future. Please help me obey You in this coming year.

Love, Danielle, the newly 17 yr. old.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Just popped over from Dani's blog. We took our two youngest to Cars. I was pleasantly surprised as well. I actually want to purchase this movie. That says a lot in my book!

7:22 PM  

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